Animation Work in 300 Rise of an Empire Movie

Noam Murro is known for his art of remaking the 300 Rise of an Empire. He has been making novel based films since long and has won many laurels in this regard. His technical approach provides him the sensibility to produce the best action scenes on the big screen and his functionality is praised all over the world after watching the film.

This is a film based on a Greek story and when it comes to Greece the old fashioned looks are the only point where the director has to work a lot more in order to generate the required atmosphere for his film and Noam Murro has got his own expertise for this and has gained a lot of apprication from the world of cinema goers who set the new trends in the film making and to fulfill whose requirements the directors have to travel a lot and are supposed to complete a long paper and computer work.

In the recent age if you are a part of film making you cannot avoid the importance of computers which have the capability to generate the best possible graphics for you and they not only look awesome on the screen but keep the attention of the audience held in the suspense of the film. The arrival of multiplexes have changed the movie trends altogether.

300: Rise of an Empire (2014) Review

Now the audience has got a bigger range of options present on the same place. If they do not want to watch a film they just need a switch over of seat and just after 5 min they are watching another movie. This has increased the liability of a director and story writer very much.

The story is based on the action of Themistokles who is a leader and has to fight against Persian forces that are invading. The theme line of the story describes it to be an action filled adventure which will seize your brain from thinking anything else and you will be lost in the scenic beauty of the film.

300: Rise of an Empire

The leader of the Persian forces is Xerxes, who used to be a fighter and has now turned into a God and used to be mortal before. The second most important role is played by Artemisia who serves as the commander of the navy of Persians.

This man is know in the film for his desire to punish the people and serves the most important purpose in the film. Another important factor about this film and other animated movies is that it is based on the thrilling novel of Mr. Frank Miller’s. the

general has realized the fact that they cannot defeat the Persian army alone only with the help of troops of military he has. So he comes out to unite the whole Greece against the Persians. Now he has two purposes of life in front. One is to unite his nation against the preceding enemy, which in itself is a herculean task and then he has to start his battle against enemies. All this constitute together the best screen play ever witnessed on the big screen.